Software Radio

A software radio is a radio system where components such as modulators/demodulators, filters, detectors etc. which have historically been implemented in hardware, are instead implemented in software upon a general-purpose processing platform. Software Radio Systems (SRS) provides high-performance software radio solutions for a range of wireless technologies, leveraging the low-cost and availability of general-purpose hardware to rapidly deliver powerful, flexible systems.

LTE/ LTE-Advanced

SRS provides L1, L2 and L3 protocol stacks for UE and eNodeB. Our modular, portable srsLTE C library supports custom system design and development on a range of SDR platforms. Our tailored solutions include network test and diagnostic equipment and wide-band LTE scanners. We specialise in custom design and development for demanding applications and environments including machine to machine, airborne and high-speed deployments.

Satellite systems

SRS is developing solutions for a number of satellite communications projects in partnership with the European Space Agency and international collaborators. We provide high-performance software libraries for technologies including DVB-S2 and DVB-RCS2 and integration solutions for hybrid satellite/terrestrial networks.

Internet of Things

In the area of machine to machine communications, SRS develops custom low-cost, low-energy waveforms and network protocols. Our SDR basestation designs afford the flexibility to support a diverse range of application domains using a wide range of frequency bands. We specialise in cognitive radio and dynamic spectrum access solutions designed to benefit from evolving regulatory policies in this area.