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Developing a novel product or service for the mobile wireless market? SRS is the perfect technical partner with the tools and expertise to accelerate your development roadmap and ensure success.

Whether you’re engaged in early-stage R&D, proof-of-concept prototyping or large-scale deployment and maintenance, we have the experience and technical insights to help. Our SDR software suite provides the technical building blocks you need and our flexible licensing options provide the scope to meet your requirements and budget throughout the entire development lifecycle.

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Commercial R&D

The SRS software suite is the leading platform for cutting-edge mobile wireless R&D, used by industrial, government and academic researchers around the globe. Our software is open, designed from the ground up to be read, understood, modified and extended. In addition to the software platform, we bring expertise and experience. We have developed entire RAN solutions for 4G and 5G in-house and we provide a unique depth and breadth of mobile wireless knowledge. From the deepest underground networks to the farthest satellite systems, we can understand and solve your toughest technical challenges.



Moving from simulations to proof-of-concept prototypes? Iterate quickly through the build-test-improve cycle with a software radio platform. High-level software development and analysis tools accelerate the pace of development while off-the-shelf hardware provides flexible low-cost testbeds for lab and real-world over-the-air testing. Written in portable C/C++ and running on standard Linux OS, SRS applications and tools provide the ideal prototyping platform. Achieve robust, performant and stable software solutions by leveraging the experience and insights of the SRS engineering team.



SRS has a proven track record of taking novel mobile wireless solutions from concept to prototype and large scale deployment. Our commercial embedded SDR solutions provide flexibility in trading off cost, power, size, weight and performance. Our modular software architecture simplifies integration with third-party components and management tools and we provide the ongoing performance analysis, system-wide optimization and maintenance needed for real-world deployments.

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