[srslte-users] Trouble connecting to a commercial UE (E3276)

PHEMIUS Kevin kevin.phemius at thalesgroup.com
Thu Aug 23 17:36:29 UTC 2018


I'm having troubles connecting a commercial dongle (Huawei E3276); my setup works with commercial handsets (Samsung A5, Honor 9).

The Initial Context Setup works (authentication, getting an IP address...) but then I get a warning with the message:

> Unhandled NAS integrity protected message 0x60

and nothing else happens. After a short time the UE is disconnected.

The wireshark trace shows an uplink message "UplinkNASTransport, EMM status (Message type non-existant or not implemented (97))"

Does anybody has an idea of the cause?


Kévin P.

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