[srslte-users] ETWS & ETWS Paging

Falconieri Vincent vincentf at student.ethz.ch
Thu Aug 16 09:07:53 UTC 2018


Quick question : I tried to implement the ETWS paging, so the ability for the network to do a paging request with ETWS flag set, and broadcasting SIB10 with ETWS information.
Unfortunately, it doesn't trigger anything on the UE side (commercial UE).

Would you know what kind of modification are necessary ? Do I miss something ? 
What I did : 
- SIB10 structure implemented
- SIB10 hardcoded, listed in SIB1, with parsable information by Wireshark, and seem to fit with 3GPP standard (https://www.etsi.org/deliver/etsi_ts/123000_123099/123041/09.06.00_60/ts_123041v090600p.pdf - around page 30). So quite confident it's correctly formed.
- Trigger a paging request on one particular IMSI (harcoded value) with ETWS flag set. It should be feasible with "all" UEs in idle mode, but as the paging is not really implemented, I just tried with one IMSI.

The IMSI paging is marked as "not tested". Is it a old and false comment, or is it still untested and probably faulty ? 

Thanks in advance,

Have a nice day
F. Vincent

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