[srslte-users] Is license from ComReg required to use srsLTE legally in Ireland?

Paul Sutton paul at softwareradiosystems.com
Wed Aug 1 09:49:45 UTC 2018

Hi Slav,

Yes, if you plan to use srsLTE to run a private network over the air,
you will need to apply for a test and trial license. Fortunately, the
process is very straightforward and ComReg are usually very
accommodating. While you're waiting for your test license, I recommend
that you use cabled RF connections.


On 01/08/18 10:38, Sviatoslav Chagaev wrote:
> Hello,
> I'm based in Dublin and would like to use srsLTE at work to set up a
> private LTE network for the purposes of testing networking software.
> Do I need to apply for a license from ComReg at
> http://testandtrial.ie/application.php to do that legally or are the
> frequencies used by default by srsLTE at
> https://github.com/srsLTE/srsLTE/blob/master/srsenb/enb.conf.example#L69
> exempt and I don't need a license to use them?
> Thanks,
> Slav.
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