[srslte-users] RSRP/SINR issues with pdsch_ue

Sina Khanifar sina at rsrf.com
Tue May 9 18:07:04 UTC 2017

Similar to the recent thread around issues with the cell_measurement
thread, I'm seeing problems with the pdsch_ue example script. I've tried
changing the RSRP and SINR calculations to make them better match real UE
measurements. For example, I am currently using:

rsrp = 12*log10(rsrp/rf_gain_offset) where rf_gain_offset is set via an arg
to 2e9
sinr = 20*log10(sinr/noise/5)

I've experimented with various values here, but continue to have issues. In

* The RSRP gain offset appears to vary both with frequency and the carrier
signal's bandwidth. srs-lte shows higher rsrp at higher frequencies, and
higher rsrp at higher bandwidths.
* The SINR in the default code is never negative, whereas it is often
negative as measured by test UEs. It also generally doesn't match up to the
UE measurements, hence my 20*log10(sinr/noise/5) adjustment. This
alternative equation is still not very accurate, but at least generates
some negative values.

Any thoughts on what might be causing these two issues?

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