[srslte-users] How to guarantee the timestamp of UHD send function in srsLTE(pdsch_enodeb)

Xingguang Wei jxweixingguang at 163.com
Fri May 5 02:41:17 UTC 2017

Dear ismael and softwareradiosystems,

To the best of my knowledge, most of the SDR systems guarantee the UHD tx timestamp by getting the timestamp from rx function(recv). However, the srsLTE (pdsch_enodeb) only has tx procedures. And I observed that srsLTE (pdsch_enodeb)  uses the function of cuhd_send2, which has not done the time align.

So, how can the srsLTE (pdsch_enodeb) guarantee the timestamp of UHD send function ?

Any comments will be much appreciated.


xingguang Wei
Beijing University of Posts and Telecomunications
Mail: jxweixingguang at 163.com
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