[srslte-users] PDCCH/DCI Blind Searching

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Thank you for the quick response and your input!

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Hi Patrick,

You should be able to run full 75 Mbps at 20 MHz with that CPU. There are certainly optimization to be done to the DCI blind search, but we've measured it to be less than 5% CPU when at full rate. CPU is vastly dominated by the turbo decoder (80%).


On Thu, 4 May 2017 at 19:20 Patrick Cutno <PCutno at girdsystems.com<mailto:PCutno at girdsystems.com>> wrote:
Hello world!

I have started to look in to what optimizations could be done to the code to reduce the CPU usage and the "dci_blind_search" and its subsequent function calls are called quite often. I know its not SRS's fault, I actually found in my research that everyone implements the search the same way. It was nice to find SRS's code implements the common and UE specific search space optimization to reduce the number of PDCCH locations, formats, and DCI format combinations that need to be searched but I feel this could still be improved upon. . .

I am no LTE expert, but has anyone in the LTE community found a more efficient way obtain the DCI format? Currently, with logging and pcap disabled, the computer running vanilla srsUE, CPU utilization floats around 60% with a i7-6770HQ and LTE bandwidth of 1.4MHz (I can only imagine what it would be if you were using a 20MHz bandwidth).

I would love to know if anyone has any ideas or if you guys have any other thoughts on optimizing the code.

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