[srslte-users] Time delay between srsLTE(eNB) and srsLTE(UE)

Xingguang Wei jxweixingguang at 163.com
Thu May 4 03:24:19 UTC 2017

Dear all,

I am interested in the time delay between the srsLTE(eNB) and srsLTE(UE).  Since srsLTE is only a PHY layer downlink transceiver, we have done a little modification to measure the downlink time delay.

we use the gettimeofday function to get the timestamp1 when the srsLTE(eNB) is ready to encode the tx buffer, and the timestamp1 is inserted into the tx buffer.  At the srsLTE(UE) side, we also use the gettimeofday function to get the timstamp2 when the srsLTE(UE) has successfully decode the rx buffer. And then, the timestamp1 is also extracted from the rx buffer.

To avoid the time difference between different computers, we run the srsLTE(eNB) and srsLTE(UE) in the same computer. 

The time delay, i.e, timestamp2 - timestamp1, is more than 10 ms, and it may be up to more 20 ms sometimes.

I am confused about the time delay. And how can I make the time delay shorter?



xingguang Wei
Beijing University of Posts and Telecomunications
Mail: jxweixingguang at 163.com
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