[srslte-users] cell_measurement example - invalid RSRP

Ifly88 ifly88 at protonmail.com
Mon May 1 05:09:16 UTC 2017

Has anyone noticed that the RSRP in the 'cell_measurement' example is incorrect?

The values I'm getting from 'cell_measurement' are greater than positive +30dBm on a commercial network where the real measured value is about -90 dBm. 'cell_measurement' is about 120db off.

The bladeRF is set to 6 db LNA, 27 db RXVGA1, and 30 db RXVGA2. I am also using the XB 300 with a 20 db LNA with an NF of 1.5 dB.

Debugging shows the 'rx_gain_offset' used to calculate the RSRP is 30db on line 362.

Any ideas where the problem might be? I've been staring at the source code all day but I barely know C.
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