[srslte-users] Connecting srsue to srsenb

fabian.eckermann at tu-dortmund.de fabian.eckermann at tu-dortmund.de
Wed Jul 26 07:14:27 UTC 2017

Dear all,

I’m having a setup where I want to connect srsue to srsenb. Srsenb is connected to a EPC and for a COTS UE (LG G5) everything works as expected and I can connect to the srsenb. However when I try to connect the srsue to the same setup it fails.
To exclude the radio channel I connected srsenb and srsue with HF cables and 40dB attenuators. Again the connection failed with the following output (ue):

Setting Sampling frequency 5.76 MHz
Setting TX/RX offset 93 samples, 16.15 us
SIB1 received, CellID=411,  PLMN Id: MCC 555 MNC 13
SIB2 received
Random Access Transmission: seq=1, ra-rnti=0x2
Random Access Complete.     c-rnti=0x46, ta=0
RRC Connected
Scheduling request failed: releasing RRC connection...
Random Access Transmission: seq=1, ra-rnti=0x2
Random Access Transmission: seq=2, ra-rnti=0x2
Random Access Transmission: seq=3, ra-rnti=0x2
Random Access Transmission: seq=4, ra-rnti=0x2
Random Access Transmission: seq=5, ra-rnti=0x2
Random Access Transmission: seq=6, ra-rnti=0x2
RRC Connection released.

I attached the logfiles of srsue and srsue for further details.

Is this a bug of srsue or is srsue not supposed to work with srsenb?

Kind regards

M. Sc. Fabian Eckermann
Research Assistant

TU Dortmund University
Communication Networks Institute (CNI)
Otto-Hahn-Str. 6
44227 Dortmund

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