[srslte-users] Segmentation fault during attach with mobile phone

Umberto Fattore Umberto.Fattore at neclab.eu
Wed Jul 19 12:16:36 UTC 2017

Hi Andre,

Thank you for answer. Yes, I have logs obtained running with gdb. You can find them attached in this message.

In my understanding, it seems that the segmentation fault happens in function rlc_am::configure( … ). In particular, I notice that this runs for more times correctly, but at a certain point it arrives only at 2nd code line (poll_pdu = liblte_rrc_poll_pdu_num[ … etc  …] ) and then segmentation signal is detected.

Thanks Again,

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Hi Umberto,
In case of a segfault it's difficult to rely on logs or pcap because they may not contain the "last messages" before death. Do you have a chance to run with gdb and tell where the segfault happens?

On July 18, 2017 2:10:07 PM GMT+02:00, Umberto Fattore <Umberto.Fattore at neclab.eu<mailto:Umberto.Fattore at neclab.eu>> wrote:
Dear all,
I am encountering a problem with srslte software. I am trying to make an attach with my mobile phone. Obviously, the board I am using as eNodeB is connected to an MME (OpenEPC MME on VMWare virtual machine). If I try an attach with my phone, the S1AP exchange between eNodeB and MME is not able to be completed, because the srslte crashes for a segmentation fault.

Could you help me understing the reason of this ?
I attach in the message both the Wireshark capture and the log srslte, that I suppose could help figure out the thing.


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