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Warlei Alves warlei.alves at gmail.com
Wed Jul 12 18:29:10 UTC 2017

Hi Andre,

Hey Warlei,
> On 07.07.2017 22:38, Warlei Alves wrote:
> > Hello everyone!
> >
> > Is there anyone on the list who was able to run the ENB with the BladeRF
> > and with stability? Here, I have observed many RX overruns, which
> > increase until the operation is completely interrupted.
> I am afraid we don't do heavy testing with the bladeRF but in theory it
> should work. Overruns mean that your system can't cope with the load and
> that it therefore drops samples. Have you checked if a normal
> bi-directional RX/TX benchmark runs fine? Have you tried with a USRP?

Well, ​unfortunately, we don't have a USRP at the moment, but ​I think ​it
is ​​​​​​​​may be something related to the SRSLTE + BladeRF set... The
spectrum seems to be fine, but there is no traffic, even before the
increasing of RX overruns.​

After posting these questions, I ran some tests with OAI5g and OpenLTE in
the same environment and applying same parameters. The CPEs was able to
find* the network and even connect
​ to​
it (OAI).
​But our goal is to have an LTE network running on a SRSENB + SRSLTE +
BladeRF set with a very basic EPC.

> > The running environment is the Ubuntu 16.04 / 64bits / Intel Core
> > i7-5820k @ 3.3GHz / 8Gb RAM / ASUS P99 motherboard; BladeRF x40 / FPGA
> > version 0.6.
> >
> > Another problem for which I have not yet found a solution is that LTE
> > devices, such as desktop routers (CPEs), cannot find the network,
> > regardless of Band, MCC or MCC, and even trying to search in manual
> > mode. Would anyone have any idea about the causes? Could it be something
> > related to Firmware?
> I am afraid we never tried with those kind of devices. Maybe someone
> else on the list has.

(*) I figure out that the cause is probably a constraint of the E-Utra Band
search range. And it seems to make sense because that kind of device is
just for use at home or in the office. In fact, the smartphones, which are
really portable, always find the network, no matter what Band / PLMN is
set. But none of them could find the network when SRSENB is running with
the BladeRF.

Anyway, I'll try to find out why, and, if I find a way, I'll back to this

> Cheers
> Andre
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Many many thanks,
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