[srslte-users] transmit diversity setup

wangdm at seu.edu.cn wangdm at seu.edu.cn
Sat Aug 26 04:12:45 UTC 2017

Hi, I'm also learning the C-API of uhd in srsLTE. 
I think current version of srsLTE just considers SIMO.
I found that the c-function  rf_uhd_open_multi()  in rf_uhd_imp.c   has the following settings:

handler->nof_rx_channels = nof_rx_antennas; 
handler->nof_tx_channels = 1;

I also found that the c-function rf_uhd_send_timed() does not support multiple antenna.

that means multiple antennas transmission is not allowed in current version.

I think if you consider transmit diversity, you should modify  these functions.

Am I right?


wangdm at seu.edu.cn
From: 양호준
Date: 2017-08-25 11:02
To: srslte-users
Subject: [srslte-users]transmit diversity setup
I'd like to set srsenb transmission mode 2 which is transmit diversity.
Where can I set this up?
I can't find it such thing on enb.conf.example, rr.conf.example and sib.conf.example.

-양호준 올림.
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