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Olivier Pavageau olivier.pavageau at telecom-paristech.fr
Thu Aug 17 15:12:05 UTC 2017

Hello Andre,

I've made little to no progress on the ping front. I contacted people at Amarisoft to help me solve the issue, but it certainly seems I'm lacking some knowledge to understand where the problem lies. I did however ping another mobile on the network (, on another PC) and I was impressed that it would wake up the mobile to ask the MME of the other mobile's whereabouts (or any address in the subnetwork for that matter).

I have not witnessed as many crashes as I did previously (I'm not testing as many things as I did), though I often get "OOSync error." messages the more I keep srsue running, that are sometimes followed by a seg fault. Attached is the end of a log file, of a run that ended with a seg fault. The log options were all_level = info, all_hex_limit = 32; it does end in the middle of a line. Do you want a file with all_level = debug (I feel like there's not a whole lot of information in the log I captured)?

Thanks for your time !



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I successfully attached an instance of srsUE (controlled by an USRP B210) to an Amarisoft LTE eNodeB (controlled by an USRP N210). I am now trying to send IP packets from srsUE to the rest of the world through the tun_srsue interface. The only pings I've successfully exchanged were between the MME (, the PC with the USRP N210) and srsUE (, the PC with the USRP B210). I've tried telling my PC to use tun_srsue to send pings, to no avail.

I also have some problems with ./srsue crashing the more I use it, until I reboot the USRP B210. I have not fiddled with sampling rate or overclocking, could the problem come from here ?

Thank you for help ! 


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