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Harsha Chenji cjkernel at gmail.com
Mon Aug 14 18:13:07 UTC 2017

Hi all,

Couple of questions (apologies if these are FAQs - we can contribute and
push a new FAQ document to the srsLTE repo if it's OK).

We are using srsUE - srsENB - openairEPC as our setup. Everything seems to
work fine now, I can ping the interwebs from the UE (~40ms to google.com).

1. Will a B200 work fine for the UE/ENB? Do we have to add any extra
arguments to UHD as far as antennas are concerned?

2. Is the UE using both TX/RX and RX2 antennas or just the former? Can we
get it to half-duplex with just one antenna (TX/RX)?

3. How do we set the bandwidth in the ENB?

4. When we do an iperf from the UE to the public interface of the EPC
(which does a NAT), the entire setup just stops working (pings work fine
though). The MCS column in the enb trace reads "-nan" as soon as iperf is
started. The CPU utilization barely crosses 50%, so does the RAM. How can
we debug this?


P.S. - we are willing to contribute or help beta test new features.
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