[srslte-users] Auth problem with openair-CN - srsENB - srsUE combo

Anoop Singh Tomar anooptomar at fb.com
Wed Aug 9 21:50:51 UTC 2017

Hi Harsha,

From the MME logs :

EMM-PROC  - T3460 timer expired, retransmission counter = 5
This means EPC/MME is not getting any response to DL NAS: Authentication Request message after multiple retries. And hence EPC is aborting the attach procedure.  S

This means there are either of the following issue

  1.  UE SRS NAS is not responding to Auth request OR
  2.  UL RRC message from SRS UE which carries Authentication Response message is not being received at eNB correctly OR
  3.  DL RRC message on SRB1 from eNB that carries Authentication request is not being received at SRS UE correctly.

Need to analyze UE side and eNB side logs to pin point the issue. One pointer is that since RRC connection setup is successful and initial NAS message within RRC Connection setup complete is received in EPC that means UL SRB1 is working fine . So first thing to look at SRB1 in DL direction ( point #3 and then point #1)


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Subject: Auth problem with openair-CN - srsENB - srsUE combo

Hi all,

openair, srsenb, srsue are all on separate machines, with B200s being used. The gain is cranked up to 100 everywhere.
The enb registers with the mme. But when the ue connects, it gets a network authentication error. We have replicated the same usim settings from oaisim, on srsUE. The logs are attached. As a FYI, oaisim+openair-cn works fine (haven't tested openaircn + openair-enb + srsUE).
srsue.log = console output of ./srsue
ue.log = /tmp detailed log of ./srsue
enb.log, srsenb.log = same as above except for ./srsenb
hss, mme, spgw.log = console output of openaircn

ue.conf.xxx = conf file used for ./srsue

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