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Paul Sutton paul at softwareradiosystems.com
Tue Nov 1 07:55:27 UTC 2016

Hi Mathias,
In the gateway layer (gw.cc), UL packets are read from the TUN device in
gw::run_thread() (line 208).
The TUN device and the GW IP packet receiver thread are only created
when the UE successfully attaches to the network. The NAS layer triggers
this process as you've seen.


On 01/11/16 07:40, Mathias Rønholt Kielgast wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm having some trouble testing srsUE with the transmission of some random IP packet. 
> Has far as I can find, there is defined functions for setting op a TUN upon receiving an IP packet (downlink), and that this will only be initiated (by the NAS) if such packet is received. However, I find no functions handling the reception of an IP packet from an application (layer) and then parsing it as and PDU to PDCP?
> I found this paper, https://arxiv.org/pdf/1602.04629.pdf, which explicitly mentions an "UL READER" that should perform this operation in srsUE, but I have found no trace of this in the code.
> Am I completely blind here, or have I misunderstood? Does the srsUE not support uplink transmission of IP packets?
> Yours sincerely,
> Mathias Rønholt Kielgast
> Master's Student, Wireless Communication Systems
> Aalborg University
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