[srslte-users] UL Reader

Mathias Rønholt Kielgast mkielg11 at student.aau.dk
Tue Nov 1 07:40:18 UTC 2016


I'm having some trouble testing srsUE with the transmission of some random IP packet. 
Has far as I can find, there is defined functions for setting op a TUN upon receiving an IP packet (downlink), and that this will only be initiated (by the NAS) if such packet is received. However, I find no functions handling the reception of an IP packet from an application (layer) and then parsing it as and PDU to PDCP?
I found this paper, https://arxiv.org/pdf/1602.04629.pdf, which explicitly mentions an "UL READER" that should perform this operation in srsUE, but I have found no trace of this in the code.

Am I completely blind here, or have I misunderstood? Does the srsUE not support uplink transmission of IP packets?

Yours sincerely,
Mathias Rønholt Kielgast
Master's Student, Wireless Communication Systems
Aalborg University

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