[srslte-users] How to connect srsUE to Amarisoft LTE 100 eNodeB and MME?

Paul Sutton paul at softwareradiosystems.com
Tue Jan 19 08:53:20 UTC 2016


You may need to adjust the gain values at the UE and/or eNB.
For a distance of about 1.5m between UE and eNB, using band 7, I find a
UE tx_gain of 50 and eNB tx_gain of 15, rx_gain of 20 works quite well.
This is with a USRP N210 at eNB and B210 at UE.

In your case, the UE correctly detects the network and attempts to send
a random access preamble. If this is received by the eNB, you should see
a PRACH notification in the console trace and the eNB should send a
random access response. Either the PRACH isn't being received by the eNB
or the RAR (response) isn't being received by the UE. Thus, the UE
attempts to send 10 times and fails if it doesn't receive a response.

Best regards,

On 19/01/16 08:22, 申衡阳 wrote:
> Hi all,
>         I have tested srsLTE UE with "./pdsch_ue  -r *** -f ***",
> which can connect to Amarisoft eNB.  I did a few test before using
> COST UE connecting to Amarisoft MME.  I've learned that "UE receiver
> tested and verified with Amarisoft LTE 100 eNodeB and commercial LTE
> networks  "  from the GitHub. 
>         I did some work trying to use  srsUE to connect to Amarisoft
> LTE network I built. I have change the following in the ue.conf:
> dl_freq, ul_freq, algo, op , amf, k, imsi, imei. 
> Then I run ./ue ue.conf. However, it didn't work well. It crashed
> with Random Access Transmission: seq=10, ra-rnti=2. after SIB2
> received.  I checked the ue.log and found the error:
>  [MAC ] Error   [00576] RA ResponseErr : Maximum number of
> transmissions reached (10). 
> I have no idea about it. Did I miss something?  Do you have any idea?
>  Any help will be appreciated.
> By the way,  Amarisoft LTE network I built has been tested with COST
> UE(with the certain usim card I write), it goes well.
> Best Regards
>  Hengyang SHEN
> E-mail: bupt_shine at 163.com <mailto:bupt_shine at 163.com>
> 2016-01-19
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