[srslte-users] How to connect srsUE to Amarisoft LTE 100 eNodeB and MME?

申衡阳 bupt_shine at 163.com
Tue Jan 19 08:22:24 UTC 2016

Hi all,
        I have tested srsLTE UE with "./pdsch_ue  -r *** -f ***", which can connect to Amarisoft eNB.  I did a few test before using COST UE connecting to Amarisoft MME.  I've learned that "UE receiver tested and verified with Amarisoft LTE 100 eNodeB and commercial LTE networks  "  from the GitHub. 
        I did some work trying to use  srsUE to connect to Amarisoft LTE network I built. I have change the following in the ue.conf:
dl_freq, ul_freq, algo, op , amf, k, imsi, imei. 
Then I run ./ue ue.conf. However, it didn't work well. It crashed with Random Access Transmission: seq=10, ra-rnti=2. after SIB2 received.  I checked the ue.log and found the error:
 [MAC ] Error   [00576] RA ResponseErr : Maximum number of transmissions reached (10). 

I have no idea about it. Did I miss something?  Do you have any idea?  Any help will be appreciated.
By the way,  Amarisoft LTE network I built has been tested with COST UE(with the certain usim card I write), it goes well.

Best Regards

 Hengyang SHEN

E-mail: bupt_shine at 163.com

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