[srslte-users] new issue with srsLTE

Paul Sutton paul at softwareradiosystems.com
Mon Feb 15 10:18:24 UTC 2016

Hi Altaf,

Can you provide the cmake output? This type of error may occur if
libraries are not detected correctly on your system.
Also, please use the srslte-users list as others may experience the same


On 14/02/16 11:49, altaf sk wrote:
> Hi Paul,
> Checking into srsLTE history I found that you have generalized UHD to RF.
> When executing pdsch_ue i found the following error
> Opening RF device...
> Opening bladeRF...
> Unable to open device: No devices available
> No compatible RF frontend found
> Error opening rf
> By default it tries to open blade rf. But I have a UHD device is
> connected to host.
> Could you please check if this is a issue in the code to change or a
> problem on my side.
> Regards,
> Altaf

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