[srslte-users] Compiling srsLTE in Windows 7

Paul Sutton paul at softwareradiosystems.com
Fri Jul 17 10:33:36 UTC 2015

Hi Sunil,
srsLTE doesn't support Windows. Our recommended OS is Ubuntu.

Best regards,

On 17/07/15 04:27, Sunil Ramlall wrote:
> Hi,
> Has anyone been able to compile srsLTE in Windows 7?  I was able to
> get CMake to generate project solution files for Visual C++ 2010
> (64-bit), but when I tried to build the project, it ran into errors. 
> It couldn't find header files like strings.h, unistd.h, sys/time.h,
> stdbool.h, and complex.h, which after searching on-line, appear to be
> files on Unix that do not exist on Windows.  I also tried using MinGW
> (32-bit) and was also able to get CMake to generate a makefile, but it
> also ran into errors when I tried to compile.  It didn't know what the
> constant M_PI was.
> For project dependencies, I am only using FFTW and UHD.  If someone
> has been able to compile srsLTE in Windows 7, did you use Visual C++,
> MinGW, or a different compiler?
> Thanks,
> Sunil
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