About SRS

Our Vision

We’re building the most trusted open software for mobile wireless networks.

Our Mission

Our mission is to develop high-performance software radio solutions for 4G and 5G, with complete UE and RAN solutions, supporting the creation of new mobile services.

To build trust and to ensure transparency we’re unique in making our commercial source code available, accessible and auditable for all.

We work with commercial partners to develop custom solutions for bespoke production networks across challenging terrestrial, air-to-ground and satellite deployments.

We enable researchers, developers and innovators - whether they’re in industry labs, government agencies or universities - to rapidly and robustly prototype their ideas.

Who We Are

Paul Sutton and Ismael Gomez Miguelez met while undertaking postdoctoral studies at Trinity College Dublin. Ismael and Paul are passionate about software defined radio, software engineering and future direction of the telecommunications industry.

Together they founded Software Radio Systems Limited (SRS) to further their vision.

Since 2014, the company, which is registered in Ireland, has grown a team of engineers with operations in Ireland, Spain and Germany.

SRS has grown through sales of commercial licenses for its UE and RAN solutions, and through engagements in publicly funded programmes in the USA and Europe.

The SRS Timeline


SRS founded to advance the open SDR vision for mobile wireless networks.

Developed as a free and open-source SDR component library for 4G LTE, our initial public release consisted of 11k lines of code and featured a simple LTE cell search application.

2015 - First LTE UE application

With help from the European Space Agency, SRS released the first open-source full-stack UE application in November 2015.

First UE Application

2017- 2018 - LTE eNodeB and EPC

With development support from the EU H2020 program, the US National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) and early commercial partners, we released our initial eNodeB and EPC applications in June 2017 and February 2018 respectively.

Enhanced features

Regular srsLTE updates brought improved stability and user experience as well as new features including MIMO, mobility, carrier aggregation, eMBMS, NB-IoT and C-V2X.


srsLTE.com launched

As srsLTE grew, so too did its community of users. In July 2019 we launched srslte.com as a focal point for the community, to help new users get started with srsLTE, to share research results and to highlight success stories.

srsRAN and first 5G application

In April 2021 we added support for our first complete 5G application, the NSA-mode UE. srsLTE has grown to almost a million lines of code with full-stack UE, eNodeB and EPC applications providing a complete end-to-end 4G network. To reflect the evolution of the code to support both 4G and 5G the srsLTE project became srsRAN.


5G SA support

In April 2022 we added initial support for 5G SA to our UE and RAN solutions.

Our Philosophy

As an organically-grown employee-owned company, SRS has had the freedom to do things a little differently. By doing things differently, we generate a lot more value for our partners and clients.

We believe in open source. Open software boosts productivity and builds trust. Permissionless innovation levels the playing field.

We believe in software radio. Software radio changes the game for wireless systems design, development and deployment. Our teams use widely available tools to build more complex systems faster.

We believe in small, focused, expert teams. Our dual-license approach allows us to find and hire the best software radio engineers in the world, creating an environment for passion, creativity and growth.


As the world’s leading provider of open-source software for 4G & 5G systems, SRS gives researchers and developers the radio technologies to build better and faster.

  • Support for the RAN developer community

    We develop and maintain the srsRAN open-source project—with new public releases every 6 months we ensure that the community is able to quickly research, develop and prototype with emerging standards.

  • Complete RAN solutions

    We’re unique in providing both UE and RAN solutions.

  • Industry-leading code quality

    The quality of our source-code and support documentation lowers the barrier to speedy innovation. Our modular architecture lends itself to rapid prototyping of new ideas.

  • Thriving user ecosystem

    srsRAN is the go-to choice for 4G and 5G RAN researchers and developers. It’s widely adopted in industry and university labs and has resulted in hundreds of publications advancing the state of the art.

Your own mobile network.

The open-source 4G and 5G software suite that runs on off-the-shelf compute and RF hardware.

Our Culture

SRS is about software radio.

We want to work with people who care about our mission and are passionate about software engineering, telecommunications and software radio.

We value curiosity, creativity and employee growth.

We believe in cultivating an open, collaborative, agile and fun small-team culture. We offer competitive salaries, compelling benefits, a welcoming environment, a flexible schedule, and a family-friendly work / life balance.

We also love to hear from interns, typically postgraduate students, who want to experience life at the cutting edge of software radio R&D.

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